DISCLAIMER: The Corazon SoundWave Journey® is not intended to replace any medical or psychological advice or treatment afforded by a physician or therapist. Rather The Corazon SoundWave Journey® is a complements to standard medical/ therapeutic care. Please consult with physicians and therapists when making decisions about your health care.

“Thank you for generously demonstrating your fantastic approach to communication through music.Your ability to reach minimally responsive patients w/ sound vibration is something that I'd like to witness again”. 
Ellen Lourie, Social Worker Visiting Nurses Of New York  

"We are slowly descending from our cloud of joy and are still on a high from a weekend we won't forget. Thank you to our dear friends: officiant, Will Lara and musician extraordinaire, Natalia Perlaza! You both brought so much care, thoughtfulness, and spirit to our ceremony and celebration!". Adriana & David